No. 269

665.001/4–1751: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Dunn) to the Secretary of State 1


4704. FonOff advises that Sforza’s letter Feb 5 to Schuman,2 reported Cianfarra article NY Times April 14 (Embtels 4674, Apr 163 and 4690, Apr 174), given informally Brit FonOff last week (understand text conveyed to Dept some three weeks ago). However, [Page 600] FonOff has not followed up in London (or Washington) with direct appeal such as made to Schuman.

Emb understands that altho French and Itals did consider treaty revision in general terms at Santa Margherita, points raised in Sforza’s letter not discussed in detail.

FonOff has informed us letter publicized at this time to demonstrate to Ital public that Ital Govt is not lagging behind US Congress in effort obtain release from treaty restrictions. FonOff officials close to Sforza express increasing concern re difficult position govt in face (1) growing demand in US Congress for revision, particularly of military restrictions; (2) our public advocacy of peace treaties with Japan and Germany which would in contrast Ital treaty, contain little or no restrictions rearmament and which wld impose only slight economic reparations burdens; and (3) parliamentary criticism govt’s rearmament program while country remains under moral and technical burdens of restrictive treaty. At same time FonOff well aware Dept’s position re undesirability raise issue at this time and of far-reaching legal difficulties involved revision.


  1. Repeated to Paris and London.
  2. On April 14 Sforza revealed that he had sent a personal letter to Schuman requesting that the three Western Powers make a formal announcement which would declare the moral extinction of the Treaty of Peace with Italy. The letter is printed in the New York Times, April 14, 1951.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Telegram 4690 briefly reported the reaction of various Italian newspapers to the release of Sforza’s letter. (665.001/4–1751)