No. 253

765.5–MAP/2–1651: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy 1


3623. Tomap.

Fol is joint State–ECA msg.
We have just recd Embdes 22632 and feel certain respects which will be apparent Mission and Emb, it not entirely consistent Deptel 3553,3 particularly para 4 and last sentence, para 2, latter. Note especially phrase “same amt or more”.
Also concerned lest Itals receive impression they will receive firm commitment econ aid for bal this fiscal year and next year before adequate assurances and evidences have been presented on adequacy Ital program from mil and production viewpoint, in accordance with criteria outlined para 5, Deptel 3143.4 Appreciate fully difficulty reaching conclusions adequacy Ital mil program because of its present tentative state. Believe, however, important [Page 573] retain US freedom of action on aid until maximum possible assurances re fullest use Ital econ resources and mounting maximum possible def production effort have been obtained.
Note para I 2. language ur memo5 appears contemplate aid for imports only against mil expenditures which obviously inconsistent Deptel 3143 and presumably not intended.
Re aid figures, wld appreciate ur recommendation before any final position taken as requested Deptel 3150 to Rome.6
  1. Drafted by Bell and Cleveland and cleared with Peterson; sent by pouch to London for USDep, Paris, and Heidelberg.
  2. For the text of the memorandum by the ECA Mission in Italy, which was sent to Washington as an enclosure to despatch 2263, see Document 249.
  3. Document 251.
  4. Document 246.
  5. The memorandum under reference is the enclosure to despatch 2263 cited in footnote 2 above.
  6. Not printed, but see footnote 14, Document 246.