No. 244

865.062/1–1551: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Dunn) to the Secretary of State 1


3037. Anti-Commie CISL and Socialist UIL labor organizations have both skillfully parried with counter-attacks Commie CGIL [Page 549] proposal that all Italian labor unions and both international labor organizations WFTU and ICFTU join forces to propose disarmament. (Embtel 3013, January 12, repeated London 335, Paris 408, Brussels 19, Hague 14, Frankfort 228, Moscow 83, Vienna 79.2)

CISL executive committee reply accused USSR of having pushed great armament campaign during last five years. Said CISL would accept CGIL proposal only after delegation of workers from all countries have made voyage of inspection to USSR to ascertain: Whether liberties have been suppressed there or whether there are observed traditional democratic methods permitting workers to have opinions and to remove leaders when so desire, whether is true that exist in Soviet Union concentration camps and forced labor for all who don’t agree with opinions of leaders; whether is true that Russia has today most powerful military apparatus, most warlike army and factories and warehouses exclusively committed to producing cannon, armored cars, airplanes, etc.; and whether normal trade union liberties do or do not exist in Soviet Union. Concluded if such inquiry revealed Soviet Union country of peace, freedom, democracy and social justice, CISL would adhere to CGIL proposal.

Socialist UIL executive committee reply said while UIL would fight to prevent world from being over-run by conflict, “We are nevertheless equally determined to denounce once again your attempt to credit Soviet Union with being country which, since is governed by workers in interests of workers, cannot want war. In reality there does not exist in Soviet Union free expression of will of workers, nor an informed and responsible public opinion; everything depends on decisions of oligarchy which can at will ally itself with Nazism-Fascism or democracies, annex new territories, deport millions of workers and abolish trade union liberties.” Concluded saying if CGIL leaders truly wished to contribute to saving peace they should work to have all workers assured right to speak freely and directly to comrades in all countries and to have doors of all countries opened to workers to permit them to compare experiences and ways of life so that might judge which states were police states and which democratic. Concluded only then could common campaign for peace be discussed.

Suggest substance above and Embtel 3013, January 12 be passed INP and VOANY.

  1. Repeated to London, Paris, The Hague, Brussels, Frankfurt, Moscow, and Vienna.
  2. Supra.