501.BC Indonesia/1–349: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia ( Livengood ) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

9. Gocus 521. GOC chairman1 received today, 4 p. m., following letter addressed him by Schuurman.2

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“Under instructions from my Government I have honor transmit to you herewith for your information text of two statements delivered by Netherlands representative Van Royen3 in Security Council on December 27 and 29 respectively.

You will perceive that in first paragraph his statement of December 29 Van Royen on behalf Netherlands Government declared hostilities in Java will as far as Netherlands forces are concerned cease at latest on December 31 at 2400 hours whilst with view to special emergency situation existing in Sumatra, cessation of hostilities here cannot be effectuated until two or three days later. In accordance with these statements commander-in-chief Royal Netherlands Indonesian Army has issued order, translation of which is likewise attached hereto. Similar order concerning Sumatra will follow shortly.

With reference my letter January 1,4 I am now in position to state that Netherlands Government has sent to Government of Indonesia necessary instructions to enable Committee Good Offices, Consular Commission and military observers to carry out task as formulated in sixth paragraph of Van Royen’s statement of December 27 and fourth paragraph of his statement of December 29. In this connection, it is observed that Netherlands authorities as result of shortage of material will especially in beginning only be able to place at disposal of Committee Good Offices, Consular Commission and their military observers limited transport facilities. It is, therefore, suggested that Committee Good Offices use as much as possible its own aircraft and other means of transportation.

It will be clear that under present circumstances visit to some areas might be temporarily restricted as result of measures taken by Netherlands authorities for reasons of safety and military necessity. Moreover, it is pointed out that visits to certain areas may entail considerable personal risk for which Netherlands Government must disclaim responsibility.

Finally, it would be greatly appreciated if Committee Good Offices would outline its plans for performing task referred to above.

Similar letter is being addressed to Consular Commission.”

Enclosure one is statement delivered by Van Royen at Security Council December 275; enclosure two is statement by Van Royen at Security Council December 295; enclosure three follows.

“Order of Lieutenant General Spoor.

Military activities and therefore also hostilities in Java were terminated on December 31, 1948.
After that date task of troops is consequently confined and limited to action against roving groups, bands or individuals, who attempt cause unrest or, as was stated by our representative to Security Council, ‘to act against disturbing elements who either individually or collectively endanger public security or interfere with or prevent supply of food and other essential commodities to needy population.’
I charge you and troops under your command to carry out this task within its limits, strictly and with great diligence.” Signed Cochran.6
  1. Thomas K. Critchley, Australian Representative on UN GOC, Batavia.
  2. T. Elink Schuurman, Acting Chairman of the Netherlands delegation, UN GOC, Batavia.
  3. Dr. J. H. van Royen, Netherlands Representative at the United Nations.
  4. Quoted in telegram 3, Gocus 519, January 2, 11 a. m., from Batavia, not printed.
  5. Not printed.
  6. Not printed.
  7. In telegram 11, Gocus 522, January 3, from Batavia, Mr. Cochran reported Mr. Critchley’s reply of the same date and his letter notifying the Indonesian delegation.