851G.00/2–2549: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Secretary of State


807. Foreign Office source describes as “quite accurate as far as they go” report carried today’s press giving following highlights of forthcoming Franco-Vietnam agreement:

Independence and unity Vietnam within French Union. Vietnam to have complete administrative autonomy.
Vietnam to receive and accredit diplomatic representatives subject to agreement President of French Union.
Vietnam to have national army with French instructors and specialists. In peace time will have combined Franco-Vietnam General Staff and in war time single Commander-in-Chief. Strategic bases to be conceded to France.
Piastre to be part of franc zone. French citizens to pay same taxes as Vietnamese.
Vietnam to recruit necessary technicians in France.
Vietnam to grant full liberty for teaching French in all grades public and private schools. France to be permitted to establish scientific institutes. System of equivalents to be worked out between French and Vietnam diplomats.

Sent Department 807; passed Saigon 24.