896.001 Quirino/12–3049: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Philippines (Cowen) to the Secretary of State


2962. Principal foreign diplomatic consular officers, Manila, called in body on Quirino afternoon December 29 offer congratulations on his inauguration. In course this call Quirino made to me following statements re his forthcoming visit US:

He will leave Manila by regular Philippine Airlines’ plane January 5 accompanied by members family and probably also by one or two secretaries but by none of top government officials. Plane will fly New York without touching Washington. At New York he will board [Page 600] another plane for Baltimore (Embassy will transmit flight schedule and list members official party soon as available).

President asked I make completely clear purpose his trip is receive medical attention Johns Hopkins and that he expects no official entertaining or other official notice taken of his trip except that he would appreciate opportunity call on Truman either before entering Johns Hopkins or afterwards whichever President Truman may prefer (I would suggest he be invited for small informal lunch or dinner with Truman at which it would be desirable for Secretary of State and Secretary of Treasury be present).

Incidentally, Quirino informed us he proposes keep his concurrent portfolio of Secretary Foreign Affairs during his forthcoming term.