The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Philippines


No. 114

The Secretary of State transmits a copy of a letter to the Secretary of State from the Secretary of Defense dated April 19, 1949 regarding acts of violence against personnel of the armed forces in the Philippines. A copy of the Department’s reply1 is also attached for the information and guidance of the Embassy. The Department desires that the Embassy lend all possible cooperation and support to the representatives of the National Military Establishment in the Philippines where, in the opinion of the Embassy, either the jurisdiction clauses of the Military Bases Agreement are not being observed or the Philippine Government does not display a disposition to enforce its own criminal laws. As stated in the letter to the Secretary of Defense, the [Page 596] Department believes that such matters can be handled in the Philippines. In view of the very delicate and troublesome nature of this problem, consultation with the Department is desired before taking action on border line cases and for the records of the Department a complete report of all cases which arise is desired.

The Department would also appreciate receiving any information available on the current status of the project for delimiting the metes and bounds of Bases, with particular reference to the mention of this subject which is made in the attached letters of the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State.

  1. Not printed.