501.BC Indonesia/11–1649: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia (Beam) to the Secretary of State

secret   priority

909. Usgoc 4381 and Contel 903.2 From Beam and Dow: Following is Hatta’s reply as received in writing from Republican delegation re timing UN discussion RTC results.

“Dr. Hatta is of opinion that it might be very much helpful if discussions in UN on results of RTC would be held before ratifications, in particular in connection with discussions in Netherlands Parliament of which outcome is rather uncertain. As far as the (Republican) working committee is concerned, Dr. Hatta is of opinion that agreements will be ratified, indifferent from discussion in GA or in SC.”

[Page 572]

In absence Anak Agung who is probably only authoritative Federation spokesman, we did not approach BFO delegation here since latter is weak and we feel discussion with them would only confuse issue. Hatta’s reply interesting as indicating confidence RTC ratification irrespective timing UN debates. Assume Department is consulting Embassy Hague concerning effect of timing of discussions on ratification by Dutch Parliament, since latter now seems to be determining factor.

Department pass USUN and Hague.3 [Beam and Dow.]

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  3. This was done November 17.