501.BC Indonesia/10–2949: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Netherlands (Chapin) to the Secretary of State

secret   priority

1021. Hicus 83. Steering Committee met 3 to 6 p. m. 28th with Military Committee present. UNCI presented compromise draft on question Netherlands troop withdrawals which had been referred to it. Netherlands delegation objected one paragraph. UNCI amended on spot and following text then accepted by all parties:

  • “1. It is agreed that Netherlands troops will be withdrawn from Indonesia within short a time as possible after transfer sovereignty.
  • 2. To this end Netherlands and RIS Governments will cooperate to take advantage all means available.
  • 3. Should it become evident, as Netherlands Government regretfully foresees, that lack of shipping or other technical difficulties will prevent completion withdrawal within 6 months from transfer sovereignty, Netherlands Government will, gladly give RIS authorities free access to details of arrangements and endeavors of Netherlands Government for repatriation of troops.
  • 4. Joint technical committee might be established to study technical possibilities of repatriating Netherlands forces and ways and means overcoming difficulties.
  • 5. Under its terms reference, and as anticipated by agreement in 22 June memo, UNCI or its successor should be in position to assist.”

Military Committee reported agreement has been reached between its members on question transfer KNIL arms to RIS which Steering Committee had not been able settle. Discussion followed on reorganization KNIL and financial and pension arrangements for various units. Debate brought position three parties to such point on these problems that military group said they could continue therewith and find agreement themselves. Chairman Netherlands Military Committee brought up problem of military arrangements to be carried out Indonesia before transfer sovereignty. Maarseveen said hoped make progress on this outside RTC with heads three delegations in next few days. Roem revived idea Netherlands withdrawing all forces from Republican (Renville) territory soon as sovereignty transferred. Van Royen opposed this contending Roem endeavoring go back to Paragraph 4 (F) (28) SC resolution while Netherlands still based policy on March 23 directive. Maarseveen asked further discussion this point be suspended. Both Roem and Van Royen reserved their positions. Military session thus ended.

Steering Committee decided meet forenoon 29th on miscellaneous unfinished business and begin New Guinea discussion in afternoon. Committee appointed on self-determination hopes report Steering [Page 550] Committee Sunday. This should conclude negotiations. Committees requested formulate their decisions Tuesday so draft resolutions may then be presented to Steering Committee. Plenary session RTC fixed Wednesday November 2, 2 p. m. Signed Cochran.1

Sent Department 1021; repeated Batavia 105.

  1. In telegram 1022, Hicus 84, October 29, 1 p. m., Mr. Cochran agreed that “ECA be officially notified Department favors resumption ECA aid to Indonesia immediately upon announcement successful conclusion RTC”.