501.BC Indonesia/10–2549: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Netherlands


936. Ushic 36. Brit Counselor called his request to advise Director Office Phil and SEA Affairs1 that FonOff, feeling considerable concern at deterioration mil conditions Indo, had considered suggesting to UNCI desirability latter making report to SC; Counselor said FonOff wished Dept’s views. Brit Counselor advised that Dept considered conditions Indo had improved perceptibly last few days; that notable progress made at Hague, that reference such matters to SC likely to provoke recriminations and disruptive discussions and that for these reasons Dept did not believe suggested report by UNCI necessary or desirable unless conditions Indo worsen. Brit Counselor, expressing his personal concurrence Dept’s views, said he wld advise Brit FonOff Dept position.

  1. Charles S. Reed, II.