501.BC Indonesia/10–1249: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consulate General at Batavia 1


518. Ref Ushic 242 and 27.3 For Beam: Dept has concluded after much consideration that it is desirable you make friendly but firm representations to Soekarno or Sultan Jogja or both in matter of infiltration [Page 539] of TNI and noncompliance with cease-fire and stand-still. Dept is influenced in this matter less by Neth representations than by info originating US Reps Indo including controlled Amer sources. You will observe Cochran not opposed such representations (Hicus 594). Finally, Neth Amb Wash states that Van Royen advises him that Hatta would welcome such representations on part US as he believes they would strengthen position Repub Govt as against extremists.

Dept believes you shld not make reference to Neth representation to Dept in your conversations Repub officials. Instead, predicate your approach on info reed through or by Amer sources.

This tel rptd to Cochran with request he comment simultaneously to you and Dept. If you and Cochran agree, you may, together with Dow, make such representations as you believe appropriate and effective, addressing yourself in the main to such considerations set forth by Neth Amb in his note to Dept as you consider valid. You may add that Dept keenly aware correlation between situation Indo and speedy and successful conclusion RTC; and that US Govt making every effort to expedite fair and practical solution at Hague which Dept believes to be forthcoming. You may point out if you wish that Dept fears the effect on world opinion inability Indo Govt to perform under such agreement a contingency by no means impossible if immediate steps are not taken to consolidate its civil and mil control terrs for which it is responsible.5

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  5. Telegram 526, October 21, 6 p. m., to Batavia, authorized Messrs. Beam and Bow to disregard specific instructions in 518 “while continuing your influence in manner you think most effective”. (501.BC Indonesia/10–2149)