501.BC Indonesia/10–749: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Netherlands 1


868. Ushic 24. Neth Amb Wash called his request Asst Sec Far East2 to say he had been advised by Hague that RepDel had shown in past few hours sudden indisposition proceed negotiations in spirit which had characterized past few weeks; that RepDel had in fact indicated desire to “pull out” of agreement heretofore reached on Union Statute; that in respect of all other issues except mil issues RepDel showing alarming unwillingness proceed negots.

Neth Amb continued to speculate on cause this alleged change in heart. He referred to presence Palar at Hague; described Palar’s [Page 503] attitude toward Hatta but considered that Palar’s influence by itself insufficient cause. He at last concluded that explanation lay in fear on part of RepDel at Hague of assumption power in Indo by mil elements. In support this hypothesis Neth Amb read memo, later handed to Asst Sec which fols:3 [Here follows text of memorandum, not printed.]

Neth Amb said foregoing memo prepared by Hague Govt on basis reports of polit and mil reps in Indo. He then read tel from Lovink addressed Hague repeated Neth Emb Wash which covered much same ground foregoing memo, characterized situation as extremely serious and suggested that Repub Govt, which he said had been cooperative, should be convinced of seriousness situation to the end that it would, abandoning attitude of indolence and fatalism, make resolute effort to impose discipline on lower levels Repub mil. In answer to Asst Sec’s question Neth Amb was at pains to make clear that Lovink considered trouble arose from activities extremist elements in the field and not from intentional lack of cooperation on part Jogja Govt.

In answer further question by Asst Sec, Neth Amb stated that in his view Repub Govt Jogja was able impose requisite discipline if properly approached.

Asking that foregoing representations be regarded for moment as confidential (by which he meant not to be communicated to Repub) Neth Amb went on to say that Neth Govt had prepared note, which he described as entirely friendly in tone, to Repub Govt asking that latter take energetic steps to repress activities extremists and offering cooperate with Repub Govt to that end. Neth Amb said that he would notify Dept of date delivery this note and expected that he would be instructed within next day or so to ask US request Repub Govt to take action in premises. Asst Sec made no commitments.

Since preparation foregoing, Hicus 48 and 494 received indicating you have been apprised same situation at Hague.

  1. Repeated as 504 to Batavia.
  2. W. Walton Butterwortn.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Telegrams 889 and 890, October 6, neither printed.