501.BC Indonesia/1–1849: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia (Livengood) to the Acting Secretary of State 1


93. Gocus 553.

Supomo and Sudjono called late today. Sjahrir has arrived in Batavia and has been permitted to live in own house and told he can see people freely during his stay Batavia. He has explained to Supomo circumstances under which he accepted invitation to come here. Yesterday he was visited by assistant resident in Prapat and asked to come Batavia. He thereupon consulted with Sukarno and Salim. Three of them do not have radio, receive only Aneta news and are very anxious for news of internal situation. They decided that Sjahrir should accept invitation only in order obtain latest information. Sukarno and [Page 167] Salim received no invitation. As Hatta and other exiles on Bangka had visit from GOC and received latest information, Supomo thinks Hatta will not accept similar invitation. GOC will probably call on Sjahrir tomorrow as group. Sjahrir assured Supomo that he will not enter into any negotiations with Drees or Federalists unless and until all Repub leaders are free and restored to positions of governmental authority. Sjahrir will have informal talk with Drees tonight. USDel will be kept informed regarding developments.

Riphagen2 called in response certain inquiries make [made] by GOC relating to implementation paragraph seven GOC report 16 January (Gocus 548). He stated high representative Crown agreeable in principle to visit of local RepDel to Bangka but that it was believed Hatta and possibly other exiles will be down to Batavia next day or two. Stated anyway Darmasetiawan going to Bangka tomorrow or next day in connection with Federalist negotiations. USDel had heard through private sources earlier today that Anak Agung Gde Agung had called on Darmasetiawan with reference to invitation to Hatta to come down for consultation. Riphagen stated Sjahrir entirely free here and need not go back Prapat unless he desires.

All these facts so far consistent with pattern revealed by Supomo yesterday (Gocus 5513). Believe either (a) Riphagen may be doing wishful thinking re Darmasetiawan activity as Supomo had not mentioned Darmasetiawan trip or (b) Darmasetiawan carrying on independent activity apart from RepDel. Will check further tomorrow but incline to (a).

British ConGen4 called re two points: (a) stated senior British-military observer believed a GOC report of 14 January (Gocus 545) reflected too hasty report by British military observer at Soerabaya. ConGen admitted, however, that facts probably true. Assured him GOC will submit general military report with full evaluation as soon as we can obtain it from MilEx Board. (b) Said he had been asked by his government to comment on US Working Paper but had seen only inadequate summary in USIS bulletin. Promised to give him written outline basic features tomorrow morning. He said did not believe his government could support commission instead of GOC because it would imply Repub had not been true party. Sought to explain to him inability of committee good offices to function as such under present conditions and will take opportunity tomorrow in delivering summary to explain further special features of American plan. Signed Lisle.
  1. Repeated in telegram 50, January 19, 9 p. m., to The Hague.
  2. Adviser of the Netherlands delegation to the GOC, Batavia.
  3. Telegram 90, January 17, not printed.
  4. Francis Michie Shepherd.