851G.01/3–1749: Telegram

The Consul General at Saigon (Abbott) to the Secretary of State


66. In conversation with Lacy,1 myself, General Blaizot2 stated second exchange of letters Bao Dai–Auriol has occurred covering many points left open original agreement. Third exchange Bao Dai–Pignon being drafted will cover practical application agreements including question federal services. Blaizot also stated confidential parliamentary processes will be completed before arrival Bao Dai April 25. Emperor will return to united independent country with all preparations made for prompt transfer of authority and application of agreement. Pouched Hanoi.3

  1. William S. B. Lacy, Assistant Chief of the Division of Southeast Asian Affairs, on a visit to Saigon.
  2. Gen. Roger Blaizot, Commander in Chief of French Forces in the Far East.
  3. Repeated by the Department in airgram A–267, March 18, to Paris.