501.BC Indonesia/1–1149: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia (Livengood) to the Acting Secretary of State

confidential   us urgent

65. Gocus 537. Following is Schuurman’s answer dated and delivered late this morning to GOC letter forwarded Department Gocus 535.

[Page 139]

“Re GOC telegram yesterday’s date, I have honor inform you NethDel, in deference to wish expressed to visit Bangka, is at committee’s disposal to provide necessary facilities and clearances for journey.

Delegation has honor to add that it was indeed intention to transfer Sukarno, Salim and Sjahrir1 to Bangka. However, persons in question on being informed to this effect, manifested their preference for remaining in present residence although they had no objection to moving to Bangka if matters could not be otherwise arranged.

Competent authorities are now investigating possibility acceding this request having to take into account difficulties re accommodation for longer stay in present residence, especially in connection with desirability of speedy reunion of persons concerned with families, arrangements for which had already been completed with regard to Bangka.

NethDel would, therefore, appreciate forbearance of GOC for few days when it will be in better position to arrange and discuss details of journey GOC has in view.

I will be happy remain at your and your colleagues disposal for above purpose”.

The two letters are being sent this afternoon to SC as telegraphic GOC report of this date with statement that final arrangements have not yet been made.

Herremans reports Schuurman much disturbed by matter. Latter stated Hatta is in Bangka and three other men still at Brastagi, East Sumatra. Schuurman indicates Netherlands unwilling to permit individual members of committee talk privately with Sukarno or others on occasion of visit and wishes to know what committee as whole will ask. GOC will discuss this informally with NethDel tomorrow and hopes to go to Bangka or Brastagi Thursday. Signed Lisle.

  1. Sutan Sjahrir, Indonesian Republic Prime Minister, November 1945–June 1947; under house arrest since December 18, 1948, and transferred from Java to Sumatra by the Netherlands.