501.BC Indonesia/1–849: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia (Livengood) to the Acting Secretary of State

us urgent

52. Gocus 533. GOC sent telegram to SC today as follows: “Subsequent its telegraphic report 7 January GOC was notified by acting chairman Netherlands delegation that his government now prepared discuss detailed plans for immediate dispatch military observers to field. Number of conferences held evening 7 January and morning 8th. As result arrangements approved for dispatch military observers to various areas Java, Sumatra beginning morning 9th January.

Military observers received from committee following instructions:

To observe and report on extent compliance with cease hostilities resolution of SC.
To observe and report on continuance military operations, if any, including their scope and mission.
To observe and report on effect of hostilities on normal pursuits and welfare of civilian population and nature and effect of relief and rehabilitation activities”. Signed Lisle.