819.01/12–749: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Panama


480. Gen trend replies most LA countries cirtel 3 a. m. Dec 31 in agreement US views re primary tests recog Arias regime and no evidence outside interference. Appears here that regime is accepted generally by people, that regime has control Govt machinery and national territory and that statement FonMin (urtel 804 Dec 62) is indication intention of regime respect internat’l obligations. Dept notes Arias himself has given no statement adequate assurances latter.

However, if there are no unfavorable devel next few days, does Emb perceive obj Dept instrg Chiefs Mission OARs to inform resp Govts not later than morning Dec 12 that US plans estab rel Arias regime Dec 14.

[Page 740]

Statement mentioned para 1 urtel 790 Dec 2 being prepared for clearance with Emb. Dept awaiting proposed statement from Emb re para 5 (urtel 800 Dec 63). Dept questions whether there can be obtained from Pan re para 2, 3 and 44 more than Brin declaration (urtel 804). Emb requested reply soonest.

  1. See footnote 1 to telegram 473 to Panama, December 2, 1949, p. 734.
  2. In this telegram the Ambassador reported in part that Carlos N. Brin, Foreign Minister, had said in a press interview that Panama would observe all her treaties and other international commitments (819.00/12–649).
  3. Telegram 800 not printed. “Paragraph 5” refers to paragraph 5 of Embassy telegram 790. Ambassador Davis sent a draft of the proposed statement in telegram 811 from Panama, December 9, 1949, not printed. (819.01/12–949) Departmental telegram 485, December 10, 1949, informed the Embassy that the plan to have it issue a statement exactly coincident with recognition of the Arias government had been abandoned (819.01/12–949).
  4. These numbers refer to the numbered paragraphs of Embassy telegram 790.