819.00/12–549: Telegram

The Ambassador in Panama (Davis) to the Secretary of State


799. Dr. Harmodio Arias reaction to press statement (mytel 798, December 4) was immediate. He called Calhoun, New York Times correspondent, yesterday saying he had something of importance to discuss. Calhoun went to Arias residence where Harmodio told him he was “alarmed and worried” for fear Panamanian people would take statement American Ambassador as supporting police. He then made extraordinary statement considering he was person chiefly responsible agitation for concessions 1936 treaty relating to intervention: he said US should do something to help people of Panama adding that policy non-intervention in case of Panama was “all rot”. He stated if US wishes help Panama, only way would be to bring pressure oust police heads.

Above would seem convincing confirmation Embassy suspicion (paragraph 2, Embassy’s telegram 795, December 3). Text interesting memorandum on above subject is being forwarded under cover transmitting despatch 592 today.1

  1. Not printed.