819.00/12–149: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Panama


473. Unless you perceive objection reurtel 781 Dec 1, 10 a. m. Dept now plans initiate soonest formal exchange views with FonOffs other Amer Reps regarding estab relations Arnulfo regime. Dept’s basis exchange will indicate we have no evidence there has been intervention or other interference by any foreign govt and will center on question regime’s (1) control admin and territory (2) ability and willingness meet internatl obligations. Informal discussions held to date with several LA Ambs Wash have reflected gen agreement our position as expressed publicly.1

You requested weigh foregoing in view present situation Pan and comment immed.

  1. In a circular telegram of December 3, 1949, to diplomatic officers in all the other American republics except Panama and Cuba, the Department gave instructions to initiate consultations along the lines set forth above (819.01/12–349).