Editorial Note

Discussions were held at Ottawa December 15–21, 1949, and January 10–13, 1950. A press release issued by the Department of State, January 13, 1950, described their outcome. The United States representatives agreed that, until this Government was in a position to grant authority to a Canadian airline to operate between Montreal and New York, the United States would not press its claim to operate two of the new routes granted to it under the 1949 agreement; and they pointed out that the United States Government had arranged for an early hearing of Colonial Airlines’ appeal by the U.S. Supreme Court. In a separate announcement January 13, the Canadian Air Transport Board stated that it was withholding action with respect to Colonial Airlines. On February 6, Colonial Airlines filed a motion in the Supreme Court to dismiss its appeal. On June 2, 1950, the Canadian Air Transport Board informed Colonial Airlines that it considered the case closed (911.5242/6–1350).