IO Flies: US/S/883

Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Charles P. Noyes of the United States Mission at the United Nations


Participants: Dr. Rodolfo Munoz, Argentinean Delegation
Mr. C. P. Noyes, United States Mission

I told Munoz I understood they were interested in having a meeting of the Council on the Veto. I told him that we were planning to have a meeting of the Permanent Members of the Council soon and that we had thought it would be preferable to have such a meeting before any meeting of the Security Council on the subject. It was our plan to arrange a meeting of the Security Council as soon as the meeting or meetings of the Permanent Members were concluded. We thought it would be preferable not to have a public discussion in the Council until after such meetings. Mr. Munoz said immediately that he was quite certain Dr. Arce would not press for the Council meeting until after the Permanent Members had met. They were simply interested in seeing to it that some action was taken in regard to the General [Page 317] Assembly’s recommendations. He later told me, after checking with Arce, that Arce agreed. I passed this on to Seyersted (Norway).1

  1. Finn Seyersted of the Norwegian Delegation. Norway held the presidency of the Security Council during June.