501.BC/7–649: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


354. Instructions contained in Deptel 330 June 22 modified as requested urtel 805 July 6. You are consequently authorized to abstain rather than vote against applications of five satellite states if a vote is necessary. This authorization granted on basis your prognostication re vote on matter in SC as set forth second para urtel 805.

As stated in Deptel 330, Dept would prefer to defer action on all pending membership resolutions until just before Sept GA.1

  1. On July 11 the Security Council resumed its discussion of the membership question, and at that time lengthy statements were made by the Representative of the Soviet Union (Tsarapkin) and Ambassador Austin, in that order, regarding the position taken by the United States with respect to the qualifications of Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Rumania for membership (SC, 4th yr., No. 33, pp. 2 ff.). The discussion concluded on July 20, with a ruling on the part of the President of the Security Council (Manuilsky) that “the question of the admission of twelve States to membership in the United Nations” would not be voted upon “as no agreement has been reached on the question.…” (ibid., No. 34, p. 12). This deferred temporarily any Security Council vote on all membership resolutions of which the Council was then seized, including the seven Argentine resolutions.