IO Files: US/S/885

Memorandum of Telephone Conversation Between Mr. Charles P. Noyes of the United States Mission at the United Nations and the Acting Director of the Office of United Nations Affairs (Sandifer)


Mr. Sandifer stated, after consultation within the Department, that they were willing to modify paragraph 5 of their instructions so that we need not suggest that the Security Council defer action on pending resolutions until before the September Assembly. He agreed to the suggestion which I had made that instead of this we should urge strongly that the Council should accept the President’s recommendation that no vote be taken in view of the fact that it is clear that there would be no results. We should end up our statement with a sentence along the following lines:

“My Government, and I assume the Security Council also, would be prepared to reconsider this question at any time if it should appear that further developments cast new light on the qualifications for membership, under Article 4, of Albania, Bulgaria, Mongolian Peoples’ Republic, Hungary and Rumania, or if as a result of changes in the positions of any members of the Security Council there appears any likelihood of the Council taking affirmative action on any of these applications.”

Sandifer thought we should express to our friends the thought that it is important to meet the propaganda aspects of the Russian proposal and that our statement is intended to have that effect. We should also urge that there is greater reason now than ever to avoid a series of votes and vetoes since the Russians would now be in a position to make good propaganda as a result of having made an offer to accept all applicants.1

I expressed some skepticism as to our ability to prevent a vote but agreed to try.

  1. For Ambassador Austin’s statement to the Security Council on June 24, see SC, 4th yr., No. 32, pp. 16 ff.