IO Files: US/A/2285

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Principal Executive Officer of the United States Delegation (Popper)

Participants: Mr. F. H. Corner, New Zealand Delegation
Dr. L. Wessels, South African Delegation
Mr. Joseph Nisot, Belgian Delegation
Mr. Pierre Pescatore, Luxembourg Delegation
M. Vincent Broustra, French Delegation
Mr. R. G. Riddell, Canadian Delegation
Mr. J. Parrott, United Kingdom Delegation
Mr. J. Plimsoll, Australian Delegation
Mr. John Hickerson, United States Delegation
Mr. David W. Wainhouse, United States Delegation
Mr. Hayden Raynor, United States Delegation
Mr. David H. Popper, United States Delegation

At a small dinner given by the United States Delegation on December 5, general impressions of the work of the Assembly were exchanged and comments were elicited in a wide variety of subjects considered at this [Fourth] session.

[Here follows a résumé of “the more important items.” Regarding discussion of the work of the Fourth Committee and the “colonial problem”, see page 368.]

10. Practice of Consultation

All those present expressed their appreciation for the consultation practice which the Americans had adopted before the beginning of the Assembly and during the Assembly, especially in connection with the Soviet item. It was unanimously agreed that these practices should be continued both in New York and in the field. In the course of this discussion, Pescatore paid special tribute to the personal relationships [Page 28] established by Mr. Raynor and the very great value of the work he had done in this sphere.

D[avid] H. Popper