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The Chairmen of the Senate and House Appropriations Committees (Bridges and Taber) to President Truman

Dear Mr. President: During the hearings on China aid before the Senate and House Committees on Appropriations this spring [Page 108] testimony was taken in executive session on the military needs of China. General Albert C. Wedemeyer, appearing with Secretary of the Army Kenneth C. Royall, made certain proposals for the expenditure of $125,000,000 for military requirements. The Congress has subsequently voted appropriations of $125,000,000 in the Foreign Aid Appropriation Act.

During the Conference between the Senate and House Conferees on the bill it was the unanimous decision that the Chairmen of the Committees should communicate with you and express the desire that the Administration check the expenditure of this $125,000,000 very carefully. There was a clear expression in the Conference of a desire that this money should be matched to the military requirements of China in accordance with the general proposals made by Secretary Royall and General Wedemeyer.

Respectfully yours,

Styles Bridges
Chairman, Senate Committee on Appropriations
John Taber
Chairman, House Committee on Appropriations