393.0015/11–1148: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

2173. For purposes evacuation planning we would appreciate soonest possible Department’s decision on questions raised Shanghai Contel 2345 to Department. We are planning evacuate non-Americans, who may desire, from interior points to Tsingtao and Shanghai on humanitarian and space available basis. ComNavWesPac1 emergency plan includes provision movement all evacuees to concentration point in Japan. This provision has concurrence Japan occupation authorities. Ambassador or designated representative has responsibility decision which groups are to be so evacuated.

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It is our belief that persons mentioned Shanghai Contel, particularly White Russians, would be discriminated against by Communist-dominated government and that some would be in very grave personal danger. Also, in event general breakdown law and order, which now seems likely, all might well be endangered by mob violence.

Sent Department, repeated Shanghai 1077.

  1. Commander, U. S. Naval Forces, Western Pacific (Badger).