The Assistant Chief of Naval Operations (Wooldridge) to the Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs (Butterworth)

My Dear Mr. Butterworth: I am in receipt of your letter of 4 December, wherein it is noted that the Department of State is in agreement with the recommendations made by General Barr that U. S. Army Military Police Battalion be evacuated from China with other JUSMAG personnel. It is further noted that the other questions raised in the Secretary of the Navy’s letter of 2 December would be the subject of future communication from the Department of State. The Secretary of the Navy’s inquiries which remain unanswered are:

Whether State concurs in retention of JUSMAG Air Force components at Shanghai, (this refers to Air Force personnel at Kiangwan);
Whether State concurs in substitution of comparable Marine Forces for the JUSMAG Army and Air Force components at Shanghai;
State Department views as to the policy to be followed relative to the landing of minor Marine Forces that may be necessary to provide for the protection of U. S. Nationals and property in connection with evacuation.

With reference to your inquiry concerning the protection and removal of JUSMAG stores, the Department of the Army, on 2 December, issued instructions to the Chief of JUSMAG covering the disposition of Army and Air Force stores and equipment under the custody of that activity. The plan for disposition of the subject stores and equipment entails no obligation or responsibility on the part of the Navy for either its protection or transportation.

You will appreciate that it is impracticable, at this time, to provide even a tentative date as to “the effective completion of evacuation of American Nationals.” A cut-off date beyond which the evacuation [Page 920] task of the Navy terminates will, because of its significance, require governmental decision and is therefore not one to be made by the Department of the Navy.

Enclosed herewith is a copy of Admiral Badger’s despatch which sets forth in considerable detail his planned action in the Shanghai area with respect to the protection and evacuation of U. S. Nationals and other specifically designated friendly foreign nationals.

Sincerely yours,

E. T. Wooldridge

Rear Admiral, U. S. N.

The Commander of Naval Forces in the Western Pacific (Badger) to the Chief of Naval Operations (Denfeld)

No. 050715Z

The evacuation of US and other nationals from China has been proceeding for some months and is virtually completed in North China and in the Yangtze Valley with Shanghai now remaining as the only important concentration of U. S. Nationals.

CTF 78 is assigned the Task of evacuating the Yangtze Valley area and the forces present are 1 CL, 1 APA, 2 APDS, 2 LSMS, 1 LST, and personnel assigned NavPort Fac Shanghai. Emergency Tasks. Evacuation US Nationals from Yangtze Valley and Shanghai protection within feasible limits against violence all feasible assistance to foreign nationals.

Details of situation. Sufficient warning and adequate means for evacuation all US Nationals have resulted in departure of all those desiring to leave the Yangtze Valley except Shanghai. Navy affording protection against violence and maintaining 1 Platoon Marines and 1 APD for Embassy at Nanking. Amphibious craft assisting in evacuation of material of JUSMAG, Embassy and US Nationals from Nanking by frequent trips to Shanghai. At Shanghai are about 2500 US Nationals representing about one-half normal US population. Others evacuated by Army and Navy transports commercial airlines and other available means. Capacity of naval ships maintained in Shanghai sufficient to embark all remaining US Nationals in event of emergency. Amphibious craft maintained as ferries from loading points to ships in harbor or lower Yangtze for transporting US or foreign nationals in case of emergency.

JUSMAG evacuating independently with some assistance from Navy.

CTF 78 has been directed to:

Coordinate with AmConGen Shanghai in the revision and simplification of approved evacuation plans to meet essential requirements [Page 921] emphasizing the importance of initiating action prior to outbreak of widespread violence.
Advise US Agencies Shanghai including ECA, ESD and U. S. Consulate to amalgamate activities for increased security of records and activities and provide aid as necessary in the Glenline Building and Naval annex for that purpose. Both these properties on waterfront.
Augment the Security of the Glenline Building and Naval annex from forces available in ships present as situation requires.

2. Companies of Marines with appropriate supporting units now ready in Bayfield for movement from Tsingtao to Shanghai to carry out Shanghai evacuation plan approved previously by Embassy. Now awaiting release as directed your 032148Z.98 After arrival Shanghai will billet aboard Bayfield until emergency warrants employment ashore.

Commanding General JUSMAG has been advised that all commitments of JUSMAG (except those activities essential to continued use Kiangwan Airfield by US aircraft) in connection with evacuation civilians in China may be discontinued on 10 December at his discretion by notifying CTF 78 and ComNavWesPac. CTF 78 has already been directed to cooperate all possible in the evacuation of JUSMAG personnel and material.

Consider job well in hand.

  1. Not found in Department files.