893.00/10–2148: Telegram

The Consul General at Mukden (Ward) to the Secretary of State

412. Inasmuch present movements both Government and Communist Forces indicate likelihood large battle taking place week to fortnight [Page 855] hence midway between Mukden and Chinchow, and should Government Forces suffer defeat or be by-passed by columns driving on Mukden, this city may be threatened with early capture. Therefore solicit Embassy assistance in arranging Marine airlift requested September 20 for Mukden supplies ex-Shanghai, Tsingtao and Peiping, begin October 26 at rate 2 planes daily so that planes will be available if needed evacuate personal effects and American women during critical period. Irrespective outcome forthcoming battle, we have most urgent need kerosene ex-Tsingtao for lighting and operation refrigerators and gasoline ex-Peiping for operation motor vehicles and radio station. Please keep informed of progress airlift arrangements.

Sent Nanking 557; repeated Department 412.