120.377/10–1448: Telegram

The Consul General at Peiping (Clubb) to the Secretary of State

364. ReEmbtel 172.78 After consultation with director language school,79 would invite attention [Emb to] Peiping previous [recommendation] (Contel 391, June 1080) that there be given serious consideration to possibility continuing with language school at Peiping even in event Communist occupation. This office’s judgement, Communist occupation would not indulge in action substantially restricted of indicated language study. Sollenberger points out removal of students to US would make necessary increased period of study in order they achieve same results and he expresses opinion further (basis conversations with local Chinese) that there seems now less reason than before (see Contel 407, June 3080) to anticipate that Chinese tutors would be reluctant to continue work with American language students. He and Embassy are in agreement that should it be found desirable temporarily remove language school from Peiping, Formosa or Kunming instead of USA might well be considered as temporarily site. It is to be noted that removal of language school would be costly operation at best and that removal to Formosa (1) would be [less?] expensive, and (2) would give to students more suitable environment for study, thus possibly obviating necessity increasing period of study. Director recommends that in any event those students having studied [Page 852] more than 6 months at Peiping should remain here for purpose trying continue their studies even under Communist occupation. It would be our suggestion which we offer for consideration that all of present group remain Peiping since Consulate is remaining, with qualification that they might, of course, be withdrawn if it proves impossible in practice for them to continue with their studies as an experimental measure incorporating an economical calculated risk. Attention is invited to circumstance that should experience prove language study in Peiping impracticable under Communist control, new students might be held back in US at a new school and study program set up there to meet their requirements. Consulate General believes this program would be in accord with general intent Deptel 102, June 17.81

It is, of course, assumed that language officers, even as other Consular personnel, would be authorized evacuate their dependents as well as effects should they so choose when emergency situation develops.

Sent Nanking 554, repeated Department.

  1. Sent to the Department as telegram No. 1821, October 2, p. 845.
  2. Howard E. Sollenberger.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Not printed.
  5. Sent to the Ambassador in China as telegram No. 884, p. 840.