125.633/5–2648: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

946. Embassy appreciated comprehensive authorization in Deptel 765 May 2043 and is proceeding to inform Consulates accordingly. Embassy has requested ConGen Mukden to proceed at once with plans for evacuation of dependents and non-essential personnel as well as shipment of effects of all personnel. With specific reference to [Page 831] Abbott,44 Embassy believes he should urgently be granted statutory leave and subsequently transferred to another post in order that he may accompany his family. It would be appreciated if appropriate orders could be issued as soon as possible.

All American personnel in China who desire to avail themselves of this authorization are being informed they may pack and ship personal effects. Dependents of American personnel in Peiping and Tienston who desire to do so are being authorized to evacuate to either a point of safety in China or to the US.

  1. Vol. vii, p. 818.
  2. Arthur S. Abbott, Vice Consul at Mukden.