390.0015/5–1948: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

905. [To Mukden:] Urtel May 738 to Secretary of State suggests you believe that Navy is ready to send evacuation planes to Mukden on 24 hours’ notice. Navy informs us that is not the case and that it is desirable to have up to 1 week’s notice though in an emergency evacuation could be handled on short notice.

In view of growing menace both in Manchuria and North China, and complicating factors elsewhere which may make evacuation at a later date exceeding difficult, Embassy urges you as strongly as possible to proceed at once with evacuation of women, children and non [Page 829] essential civilians, advising Embassy of numbers involved and proposed time schedule. Because of North China situation, Embassy proposes that all evacuees be moved south of the Yellow River.

Your concurrence, together with your plans would be appreciated at the earliest possible date in order that Embassy may coordinate with the Navy which has primary responsibility for evacuation in Manchuria.

Sent Mukden 94, repeated Secretary of State 905.

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