811.79693/1–1648: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Shanghai (Cabot)

81. Northwest Airlines has requested Dept’s assistance in obtaining Chinese consent to new service using DC–4’s over route Tokyo–Seoul–Shanghai–Okinawa–Tokyo twice weekly with return trip in opposite direction. Service would not affect through flights US–Manila. Present Tokyo–Seoul service to be eliminated.

Dept’s preliminary study proposal indicates that exact scheduling of service will be determining factor as to whether service comes within provisions bilateral or not.

Your comments requested para 2 above as well as to probable Chinese reaction in view current situation. Assuming Dept final opinion is that service outside terms bilateral your recommendation re approach to Chinese requested.

Sent Shanghai as 81; rptd Nanking 68; rptd USPolAd Seoul 13; rptd USPolAd Tokyo as 13.