711.932/7–2048: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

1320. ReDeptel 926, June 25. Treaty Section Foreign Office states impossible obtain Legislative Yuan approval exchange of ratifications if questions of (1) Senate reservation, (2) exchange of notes GATT and ITO and (3) exchange of notes Trust Territory of Pacific Islands, all must be settled prior exchange of ratifications. Foreign Office explains impossible obtain concurrence concerned government agencies and prepare justifications for submission Executive Yuan regarding exchange of notes GATT, ITO, trust territory because time limitation and expected adjournment Legislative Yuan next week. Implication was that it might perhaps be possible obtain exchange of ratifications prior adjournment present session of Yuan provided Yuan approval only Senate reservation involved although Foreign Office official admitted even this questionable due time factor. Foreign Office reiterated request thorough comparative analysis provisions FCN treaty, GATT and ITO charter for use preparation persuasive memos prior fall session for enlightenment Legislative Yuan and Embassy concurs this request for reasons outlined Embtel 1292, July 14.