893.6359/10–248: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1818. Substance first three paragraphs Deptel 1329, September 17 given Wong October 2. While some regret expressed United States Government lack interest purchase monazite and low price which American commercial interests would probably offer, Wong definitely pleased with offer contained paragraph 3 whereby United States Government would furnish without charge laboratory equipment for analyzing samples during 2-year period of “agreement” and would leave that equipment after completion project.

Wong stated he would discuss matter with Generalissimo upon latter’s return to Nanking. He indicated he would present draft of “agreement” to Generalissimo, presumably including provision for receipt of laboratory equipment from United States, and gave impression Generalissimo would approve. He also indicated that our offer on laboratory equipment had practically served to bring negotiations near conclusion.

Wong did not bring up question training Chinese scientists in United States and we did not think advisable to do so, especially in view paragraph 4 reference telegram which provides for assignment qualified Chinese students to private American universities rather than Chinese scientists to United States Government and other highly specialized laboratories.

Re Embtel 1668, September 13,21 Wong said he had discussed matter with General Ho Ying-chin, National Defense Minister, who quoted as stating that two organizations in his Ministry carrying on some work in atomic energy field, one being in Ordnance Department, the second in special scientific branch. Wong stated Ho would raise no objection should Department and Atomic Energy Commission refuse grant export permit for materials mentioned Department’s airgram 150, August 6.21 Wong also reiterated his stand to same effect.

As final understanding with Wong now appears possible, we will not conclude understanding pending final instructions from Department, according paragraph 3 Deptel 783, May 26.

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