893.6359/7–2648: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1365. We discussed July 23 with Wong Wen-hao, President Executive Yuan, question of Sino-American collaboration in making survey of Chinese deposits of radioactive minerals. Discussion based primarily upon instructions contained Deptels 783, May 26 and 859, June 9.

Wong pointed out that previous documents on this subject exchanged between him and Embassy were in confidential files of National Resources Commission and that he intended within few days call meeting to be attended by himself, Sun Yueh-chi, present chairman of NRC, and Dr. C. Y. Hsieh, Director Mineral Exploration Bureau of NRC, for purpose of drawing up counterproposals to proposed agreement prepared by Embassy accordance Deptel 437, March 24. Wong said specifically that question of US assistance in matter of setting up atomic research laboratory would be discussed. As he dwelt on this point at some length, we quoted statement from Deptel 783 that Embassy authorized include in agreement statement to effect US would consider appropriate future assistance to be extended Chinese Government re laboratory and training Chinese physicists in US on basis factual results obtained as result of joint survey.

Wong, who stated he still considered himself Chinese official primarily responsible to Generalissimo on all matters relating to development Chinese atomic energy program, including proposed Sino-American joint survey, expressed view that under our proposals China would be giving United States substantial exclusive rights and that some quid pro quo obviously called for on our part.

He said he had been thinking of having all atomic energy research work in China placed in one institution, possibly to be headed by Chien San-chang who received training under Madame Curie Joliot in France. Wong expressed view minimum of about US $250,000 would be needed initially; that he did not expect US Government supply all or substantial amount this money; but that he hoped subject to Public Law 585, 79th Congress, “an act for the development and control of atomic energy”, it would be possible for US Government permit exportation to China of necessary equipment for research. He stressed desirability have concrete provision for laboratory work in agreement as being necessary keep other countries out of that field. He again referred to Swiss interest and added that French also desirous collaborating with Chinese physicists.

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Questions registration UN and form of agreement raised. Wong expressed view registration with UN undesirable and that he still preferred exchange letters and agreeable not use terms such as agreement or arrangement.

Embassy will expect follow-up with Wong and report near future.