893.6359/3–2648: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

549. Revised draft handed March 26 to Wong Wen-hao who said he wished to study several days. He did not appear unduly affected by omission of provision engaging US establish laboratory in China and elimination of undertaking train Chinese physicists in US. However, he expressed opinion that, in order enable him have support from such Chinese Govt organs as Academia Sinica and Geological Survey, it might be desirable insert in agreement some statement providing for eventual assistance in setting up laboratory in China and training Chinese physicists in US.

Regarding (J) urtel,13 Wong expressed approval suggestion make agreement as informal as possible but said agreed record of conversation too informal. He reiterated opinion previously expressed, that agreement could appropriately be provided for by exchange of letters, presumably between himself and Ambassador.

Embassy will report Wong’s specific comments in few days.

Executive Yuan last week promulgated regulations governing prospecting, exploitation and exporting uranium and thorium, translation of which will be submitted.14 Wong said March 26 he had drafted these regulations with specific intent of omitting any features which might adversely affect Sino-US collaboration and of including provisions which would enable him carry out Chinese part of such collaboration.

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