893.6359/1–3048: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

184. In letter dated January 28 Dr. Wong Wen-hao refers to Keiser visit (reEmbtel 1, January 2, 11 a.m.), pointing out that “more than 2 months have passed since his departure from Nanking and no news has yet been received. You understand that in view of entering into cooperation with the American side it was necessary for me to take up some concrete measures for preparing the way. It is natural that some definite reply from Washington is expected here. Would it be possible for your Embassy to find out exact situation and let me know whether draft agreement made 2 months ago will be accepted or not.”

We would appreciate being informed re present status this matter, with suggestion as to reply to be made to Dr. Wong.

Keiser may be interested in knowing that Hsieh, director of Mineral Exploration Bureau, NRC,9 inquired few days ago regarding counter which he said he would like to take with him on trip to Fukien province. Informed Keiser had taken counter with him, Hsieh suggested Embassy might ask Keiser to send one to Nanking for Hsieh’s use. We replied to effect that Keiser very likely would not wish to send counter to Nanking owing to possible damage enroute, the counter’s unreliability, and fact that no decision reached on draft agreement. However, we said willing refer request to Keiser.

  1. National Resources Commission.