Nanking Embassy Files, Lot F79, 852 Land

The Chinese Ministry for Foreign Affairs to the American Embassy in China

No. Wai–(37)–T’iao–Erh/18889

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents its compliments to the American Embassy and has the honor to refer to the Ministry’s third person note No. Wai–(37)–T’iao-Erh/13897 of June 10, 19489 concerning the request for the issuance of title deeds for real property acquired by American citizens in Shanghai prior to the effective date of the Sino-American Treaty of 1943.

The Embassy is informed in reply that this matter was referred to the responsible land administration authorities from whom the following reply has been received:

[With regard to the point that the registration of and the issuance of title deeds for the aforementioned right to real property should be handled separately from right to real property acquired after the effective date of the Sino-American Treaty of 1943, action has already been taken by the Shanghai Municipal Land Administration Bureau in accordance therewith. Furthermore, the American Consulate General at Shanghai has been so advised10 in writing by that Bureau.11]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of china
  1. Not printed; it was an interim reply to the Embassy’s note No. 371, supra.
  2. In a letter dated July 8, not printed.
  3. Brackets appear in the file translation.