893.24 FLC/9–248: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

1259. Cut off date China contract subject. (Ur 1610,29 SFLC 38830 and Dept 1226). Based on statements by owning agencies, acceptable cut off date for all declarations except scrap is any date between 30 Sep and 31 Dec 1948. Separate acceptable cut off date scrap declarations is any date between 30 Sep and 31 Mar, conditioned on further agreement by Chinese that scrap be removed within period 6 months from date availability notice or 30 June 1949, whichever is earlier.

Related subject. Urge decision transfer additional moneys to Engineering Fund be reached soonest and this office kept abreast all negotiations.

  1. Dated September 1, not printed.
  2. Dated August 31, not printed.