893.50 Recovery/11–1748: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

2240. For ECA, Hoffman and Cleveland from Lapham. [Re] Ecato 586. Sorry now my 2127 was ever sent if State Department interpreted it to imply asking for extraordinary delegation of power to Ambassador. Neither he nor myself had ever any such intention and I cannot help but feel State Department has read into 2127 much more than there is any justification for.

Under circumstances please consider 2127 as never sent. [I will] continue asking for specific instructions and authority but remind you communication systems here jammed causing delays and our own staff swamped. Hereinafter shall not attempt continuous contact with Ambassador particularly in view State Department fear of involvement. Returning Shanghai this morning and will use best judgment from now on making any emergency decisions which may be called for from day-to-day.

Please repeat State Department. [Lapham.]