893.6463/8–3048: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1592. For Department and ECA. Question relocation generators (reDeptel 1159, August 11, repeated Tientsin 165, Shanghai 1465, [Page 638] Peiping 144) discussed by Embassy officer with Vice Chairman41 of NRC August 16. Embassy now in receipt statement from NRC with request it be transmitted to Department for reference Eximbank. Copies of this statement, which we reasonably certain prepared by Trone,42 being airmailed43 without comments. Meanwhile NRC instructing its representatives discuss matter directly with Bank in Washington.

Copy NRC statement shown August 26 to Stillman who pointed out statement does not give definite indication that Chinese Government is itself taking constructive steps in North China situation other than with respect to Eximbank and other US financed projects. Stillman stated he would ask Yen Chia-ken, CUSA44 official acting as liaison for that body with ECA China Mission, to urge to Premier45 to make positive statement to Ambassador, with Chinese Ambassador in Washington46 making identical statement to Department and possibly also to ECA and Eximbank, to effect North China not being abandoned and stating that specific plans in mind for constructive action.

Sent Department 1592, repeated Shanghai 753, pouched Peiping, Tientsin.

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  4. Chinese Council for United States Aid.
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