893.50 Recovery/5–1348: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

864. Foreign Office has informed us (ReDeptel 694, May 7) that exact scope of Legislative Yuan’s power under new constitution with respect to international agreements is yet to be ascertained, but they will take first opportunity to approach Legislative Yuan for definitive decision.

Foreign Office estimates that any necessary procedure in connection with agreement could be completed within about 2 weeks after signature, so long as Legislative Yuan in session. In giving above information, based on Foreign Minister’s57 views, head of Treaty Department58 [Page 519] added that present session of Legislative Yuan is expected to end sometime in June and it would therefore be advisable to expedite negotiations as much as possible. In face of obvious eagerness Chinese Government to conclude agreement, we adhere to view expressed Embtel 843, May 10, that best results will be achieved by delaying tactics.

  1. Wang Shih-chieh.
  2. Hu Ching-yu.