The Chinese Ambassador ( Koo ) to the Secretary of State

The Chinese Ambassador presents his compliments to the Secretary of State and, referring to the Ambassador’s Memorandum of November 24, 1947,3 regarding the matter of economic and financial aid to [Page 445] China, which stated among other things that the Chinese Government would be prepared to send to Washington a small technical mission, and to the Secretary’s Memorandum in reply dated December 12, 1947,4 indicating that there should be consultation between the United States and the Chinese authorities with respect to various aspects of the proposals being formulated by the Department of State, has the honor to inform the Secretary that Dr. David Ta-Wei Yui,5 Minister of Communications, and Mr. Pei Tsu-Yee, Executive Member of the Board of Directors of the Bank of China, have been appointed by the Chinese Government as Technical Representatives on the abovementioned mission.

Messrs. Yui and Pei are expected to leave China on or about January 7th for the United States. The Ambassador will communicate with the Secretary again upon their arrival.6

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  3. Also known as General Yu Ta-wei.
  4. In a note of January 10, the Chinese Ambassador indicated that the Minister of Communications was unable to leave China and that the technical mission would be composed of Pei as Chairman; Kan Lee, Adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as Secretary-General; and Hung Shen, Deputy Director of the Department of Railways and Highways in the Ministry of Communications; L. F. Chen, Director of the Office in the United States of the National Resources Commission of China and Paul Bao-Jen Chu, a monetary expert (893.51/1–1048).