893.50 Recovery/8–2548: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1576. Foreign Minister Wang Shih-chieh has asked me to communicate following message to you.

“A summary of the emergency financial and economic measures proclaimed by President Chiang on August 19 was given through me to [Page 394]Dr. Stuart prior to their final adoption. I trust that you are in possession of information about these measures.

The signing of the Sino-American bilateral agreement regarding American aid65 was one of the chief factors which pushed through these measures. My colleagues in the Government, especially Premier Wong Wen-hao and Finance Minister Wang Yun-wu, are just as fully determined to enforce the measures and they are aware of the seriousness of the economic situation. The general reaction of the Chinese public has been favorable towards the currency reforms as well as the other measures. Any comment emanating from you or President Truman in endorsement of this effort towards currency and other reforms will be very helpful and will have my deep appreciation.

Wellington Koo has informed me that you intend to attend the UN Assembly in Paris. I am looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you again and discussing with you these matters of common concern.”

  1. Signed at Nanking, July 3; Department of State Treaties and Other International Acts Series No. 1837, or 62 Stat, (pt. 3) 2945.