393.1115/12–248: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cabot) to the Secretary of State

2611. Local UN representative has asked me whether in event of serious disorders in Shanghai small international force including perhaps 10 Americans could be posted to guard local UN headquarters.

I am doubtful whether Navy can spare such men under present circumstances from complement required to effect emergency evacuation. Before taking up with Navy, would appreciate Department’s instructions. We do not contemplate guarding all US Government property here under emergency conditions because physically unable to do so. Nevertheless I feel United Nations’ request should be granted if it will not vitally affect our emergency evacuation plans.

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UN representative also asked whether we could help in evacuation of UN foreign and Chinese personnel in event we have emergency evacuation of Americans. I replied Navy would try to do what it could for all occidentals but Americans must have priority and added that since we were not evacuating our own Consular Chinese staff we could scarcely evacuate UN Chinese staff. If Department wishes special treatment for UN foreign staff or has other special instructions, please advise.

Sent Department 2611, repeated Nanking 1972.