893.00/11–1448: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cabot) to the Secretary of State

2400. Consulate General has been approached indirectly by two opposing camps on matter “internationalization” of Shanghai. First proposal came from local Kmt-Tu Yueh-sheng combination3 which gave assurances local situation could be kept under control and that Nanking Government would support plan. Opening of Yangtze to American “relief” shipping offered as inducement. “International” police force would be formed by revival Shanghai volunteers corps. No mention made employment American armed forces for maintenance order.

[Page 357]

Second proposal allegedly came from Chang Po-chun’s Hong Kong group allied with Democratic League. Representative reported to have come from Hong Kong with permission to speak in behalf Communists. Brought assurances American lives and property would be respected and protected in Communist takeover Shanghai. He was quoted as having stated Communists agreeable to “internationalization” providing all Kmt elements eliminated. Failed to mention whether Soviets also approached on “internationalization” plan.

Consulate General’s reply was that we could certainly not accept plan as American Government had no imperialistic designs in China and could not waver from policy noninterference Chinese domestic issues.

Sent Department 2400, pouched Nanking.

  1. Kmt meant the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party); Tu Yueh-sheng, or Tu Yung, was a prominent Chinese banker and businessman of Shanghai.