893.00/10–2748: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul General at Tsingtao (Turner)46

144. For your confidential info following is substance new directive issued by Joint Chiefs of Staff to Admiral Badger, Oct 23, at which time previous directive cancelled. Admiral Badger authorized use his forces for protection of U. S. interests and for maintenance of order in connection therewith within Tsingtao perimeter. He instructed [Page 332] be prepared for prompt evacuation dependents, U. S. nationals and other nationals from Tsingtao when in his judgment situation so requires and be prepared evacuate U. S. forces on order of Joint Chiefs of Staff. Finally, he requested keep appropriate authorities informed any change in situation and any action taken pursuant this directive.

Dept desires receive info for its own confidential use any steps taken by Admiral Badger pursuant this directive.

  1. Repeated to the Ambassador in China as telegram No. 1505.