893.0011/11–2648: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

2329. Personal for Lovett and Secretary. In reply your 1704, November 25,30 see my 2325, November 26, to Secretary. The only inference I can draw from reports reaching me from hitherto dependable sources, is that Generalissimo is threatening to retire from active control if Hsuchow battle goes against him and there has not been in interim assurance of greatly increased military aid from US and that Madame Chiang hopes through visit obtain assurances military aid requisite to forestall Generalissimo’s retirement. Undoubtedly also an element in her desperate action is her desire to protect her family.

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As her mission would appear doomed in advance to failure, I should think it unwise for her to make trip. It is for that reason I have discouraged supplying her with transportation.

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