893.248/11–2448: Telegram

The Consul General at Tsingtao (Turner) to the Secretary of State

188. ReDeptel 1627, November 15 to Nanking, repeated Tsingtao as 162. ConGen informed voluntarily in confidence by Major General C. C. Liang of local Chinese Army headquarters that prior to Peiping news report of possible revival of American Volunteer Group he interviewed Chennault who evinced interest new AVG. On own responsibility Liang proceeded Peiping, obtained interview with Fu Tso-yi22 and arranged meeting with Fu for Rosbert and Burridge of Civil Air Transport. Former is operations officer for CAT, latter north China manager. Fu reported very favorable toward AVG and promised urge Generalissimo23 invite Chennault form AVG. Story broke in Peiping following reported visit Fu to Nanking.

Liang engaged in this intrigue in continuation his personal efforts prop up North China resistance to Communists. Approached Fu [in] view belief Fu’s increasingly difficult situation North China; his prestige, and his more independent position would interest him in proposal and provide necessary important pressure for it. Relations between Burridge and Liang very close for several months and former known strongly favor AVG.

Sent Department 188; repeated Nanking 348.

  1. Commander in Chief of Bandit Suppression Forces in North China.
  2. Chiang Kai-shek, President of the Republic of China.