893.248/11–1848: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

2249. [To Shanghai:] Reference Peiping 445, November 11 to Department, repeated Shanghai our 1119, November 17. Embassy has no information to indicate just how far plans have gone to establish an organization out of CAT similar to AVG. Other evidence does suggest something of the sort being considered and plans may be fairly well advanced. Embassy shares Peiping’s concern over consequences of such development to American citizens who may be residing in Communist held areas.

You are requested in your discretion to obtain confirmation from Chennault of these reports. If opportunity presents itself, you may also in your discretion point out to him considerations mentioned Peiping’s 445 and at same time call his attention to USIS news file out of Washington carried in Radio Bulletin 269, November 15, Washington time, regarding US passport and protection difficulties of US citizens contemplating enlisting in military service abroad.

In Deptel 1627, November 15, Department replies it has no information regarding proposed formation AVG and asks us to check whether “any informal or personal encouragement has been given General Chennault this regard by any US official or officials”. If you have any information or views on this point, please report.

Sent Shanghai 1123, repeated Peiping 235, Department 2249.